My name is Chuck Castro and I welcome you to Terrene Creations.


For most of my adult life I have been a full-time artisan (artist-craftsman). Whereas my formal education is in social sciences, my working education has been all self-taught, resulting in a “Degree of Understanding” from the School of Trial and Error. My first fourteen years of work were devoted to pottery; I have been working with wood since 1991. I have chosen the circuitous route of being self-taught because it is the exploring and the delightful surprise of learning that draws me on year after year. Equally important is my desire that the physical end-product of my journey would be an authentic reflection of the interaction between me and the materials. For this same reason I maintain a “one man and a dog” shop, so as not to be distracted by others. As a result, I frequently hear from customers, “I’ve never seen anything like it…” This confirms to me that the long way around has been worth it.

Currently this exploration has led me to the creation of illuminated art in the form of sculptural lighting, lamps and sconces. I am perfecting techniques of working plastics for custom lenses both sculptural and practical. I play with brass and copper as accent elements and touch pads. Handmade paper and its endless options regularly entice me away from the wood shop. Some of my work incorporates variable light settings and touch-control switching. Part of the fun of these pieces is discovering the switch and then experiencing how the ambience changes with each setting.

Most recently I have begun working with screens that Gently Divide Space. The framework and interior art panels incorporate see-through windows that include the space beyond into the composition. The paper components are backed by durable plastic cores and are sealed so they NEVER stain. Passive, natural light moves quietly through both window and paper elements, while the larger dimensions have become a new playground for my imagination. Finally, decorative wall hangings have become the latest turn in my path less traveled.

Ultimately….. my greatest wish for any of my work is that it encourage your inner light and perhaps be a focal point of peace and tranquility in your life and home.

My work presents the intrinsic beauty of nature in an understated form. As an artist, I combine and juxtapose complementary materials that accent and enhance one another. As a craftsman, I build each piece as an heirloom.